Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Outline of "Stray"

ACT 1: (25% of your film's runtime)
  1. Who is(are) the protagonist(s)?  The inventor/scientist 
  2. What is the setting of the film? In the sky on some kind of floating house tethered to the ground.
  3. How does the film begin? An establishing shot of the floating facility in the air.
  4. What is the inciting incident? (What triggers the main plot of the story?  What is the protagonist looking for?)  When he whines up the toy and it only works for a while. He is looking for some kind of companionship or a better idea for a new toy.
  5. What is the major first plot point that moves the story into act II? Something triggers his alarms and crash lands on the floating facility.
ACT 2: (50% of your film's runtime)
  1. What setbacks does the protagonist face in Act II? Communicating with the robot dog.
  2. How does the protagonist deal with those major plot points? Gets a wrench and tries to play fetch.
  3. What is the second major plot point that finally kicks the protagonist's butt in gear? What is the jumping off point for Act 3? When he goes back inside and tapes a cat pic on the wrench.
ACT 3: (25% of your film's runtime)
  1. What is the climax of the film? Does the protagonist get what is wanted, what is needed, or something else entirely? When he throws the wrench too close to the edge of the floating facility and the robot dog goes to fetch and slides off. He tries to save it but can't and goes back to his steps to be sad.
  2. In the Denouement, how does the film relax itself back to a state of equilibrium? How is everything resolved? The robot dog can fly.
  3. How does the film end? The dog flies back to him and drops the wrench by his feet and the man is excited and happy again.

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