Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Making of Little Witch Academia Response

General Experiences (Experiences you've experienced)

  • Perspective and Proportions
  • Staying on model
  • Giving and receiving feedback/critique
  • Always finding something wrong
  • Everything your doing can be better if you had more time
New Experiences (Things to think about):
  • Being an animator involves lots of team work
  • Will have to be around others for long periods of time
  • Translating the storyboards into animation
  • Backgrounds done with painting
  • A lot of traditional work
  • Combining ideas together and not just getting rid of them
  • Always help others when you can
  • Go to the scenery in person and take videos and photographs
  • Finding you camera angles
  • Finding the right voice actors, sound editors and special effects teams
Technique/Process (stages of process):
  • Having an inbetween checker
  • Drawing on the storyboards instead
  • Finding everyones strengths and weaknesses
  • Getting audio recorded

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